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In this lesson you will learn about Colors.

Colors - How to speak Tagalog (or Filipino) - Colors .

Children - Colors

Want to describe something's color to a Filipino? This section will teach you how to identify colors in Tagalog, as well as a few common objects that are often associated with that color.

Black: i-TIM

Example: My hair is colored black. Ang buhok ko ay kulay itim.

Green: BER-de

Example: The grass is green. Ang damo ay kulay berde.

Red: Pu-LA

Example: My favorite color is red. Paborito ko ang kulay pula.

Yellow: Di-LAW

Example: My mother has a yellow car. Si nanay ay may dilaw na kotse.

Pink: RO-sas

Example: My friend has a pink umbrella. Ang kaibigan ko ay may kulay rosas na payong.

White: Pu-TI

Example: The color white looks clean. Malinis tignan ang kulay puti.

More Colors

Blue: a-SUL

Examle: The sky is blue. Ang langit ay Asul.

Brown: Ka-yu-mang-GI

Example: My skin is brown. Ang balat ko ay kayumanggi.

Gray: a-BO

Example: The elephant is grey. Ang elepante ay kulay abo.

Orange: KU-lay Da-lan-DAN

Example: The ball is orange. Ang bola ay kulay dalandan.

Purple: LI-la

Example: The flower is purple. Ang bulaklak ay kulay lila.

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