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In this lesson you will learn about Body Parts.

Parts of the Body (Part 1) - How to speak Tagalog (or Filipino) -Parts of the Body (Part 1) .

Children - Body Parts

This section will help you learn how to identify body parts in Tagalog. This will come in handy when a part of your body is in pain and you need to explain it to a Filipino doctor or nurse.

Parts of the Head

Ears: (TAI-nga)

Eyes: (Ma-TA)

Nose: (i-LONG)

Mouth: (bi-BIG)

Tooth: (NGI-pin)

Tongue: (DI-la)

Parts of the Upper Body

Head: (U-lo)

Hand: (Ka-MAY)

Neck: (Le-EG)

Hair: (Bu-HOK)

Heart: (PU-so)

Breast: (dib-DIB)

Parts of the Lower Body

Knee: (TU-hod)

Foot: (Pa-A)

Gut: (Bi-TU-ka)

Belly: (Ti-YAN)

Liver: (a-TAY)

Leg: (Bin-TI)

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