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In this lesson you will learn about Ordinal Numbers.


[ First - Una]

First - Una - Una.

Basic - Ordinal Numbers

Which one goes first? This section will teach you Tagalog ordinal numbers from one to ten.

Unlike in the English language, Tagalog ordinal numbers have two variations, and both are widely used by Filipinos.

First: Pang-U-na or U-na

Second: Pa-nga-la-WA or i-ka-la-WA

Third: Pa-ngat-LO or i-kat-LO

Fourth: Pang-A-pat or i-ka-A-pat

Fifth: Pan-li-MA or i-ka-li-MA

Sixth: Pang-A-nim or i-ka-A-nim

Seventh: Pam-pi-TO or i-ka-pi-TO

Eight: Pang-wa-LO or i-ka-wa-LO

Ninth: Pang-si-YAM or i-ka-si-YAM

Tenth: Pang-sam-PU or i-ka-sam-PU

Ordinal numbers beyond ten: In Tagalog, ordinal numbers beyond ten either starts with "Pang-" or "Ika-" followed by the Tagalog for the number (see Children-Counting).

Furthermore, the term "Pang-" changes to "Pan-" if the letter of the next word starts with an "L", or "Pam-" when the letter of the next word starts with "P".

For example:

Eleventh: Panlabing-isa or Ikalabing-isa

Seventy-first: Pampitumpu't isa/Ikapitumpu't isa

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