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In this lesson you will learn about On the phone.

How to speak Tagalog

[ Hello - Helo]

Hello - Helo - How to speak Tagalog .

Basic - On the Phone

Thanks to their familiarity with the English language, talking to Filipinos over the phone is not as hard as most foreigners think. Filipinos are great English speakers, and they often use English phrases like "Hello!" and "Good Morning!" when starting a phone conversation.

However, if you want to speak to talk to someone using Tagalog expressions, this lesson will help you learn a few common Tagalog expressions specific to phone conversations.

Hello!: Hello!

May I speak to ____ please: Pwede ko bang makausap si ___?

Whom do you want to speak to?: Sino and gusto ninyong makausap?

Do you want to leave a message?: Gusto mo bang mag-iwan ng mensahe?

I'll call back later: Tatawag nalang ako mamaya

Can you hear me now?: Naririnig mo na ba ako ngayon?

My phone doesn`t work here: Ang telephono ko ay hindi umaandar dito

May I use your telephone?: Maaari ko bang magamit ang telepono mo/ninyo?

Can I call direct?: Puwede ba akong tumawag ng deretso?

What do I dial for an outside line?: Ano ang idadayal ko sa pa-lab