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In this lesson you will learn about Frequently used Expression.

How to speak Tagalog

[ Who? - Sino?]

Who? - Sino? - How to speak Tagalog .

Basic - Frequently Used Expressions

Do you need to know something? This lesson will teach you the right words you need to start asking questions in Tagalog.

Who?: SI-no?

Example: Who is your daddy? Sino ang iyong tatay?

What?: a-NO?

Example: What is your name? Ano ang pangalan mo?

When?: Ka-i-LAN?

Example: When will he arrive here? Kailan siya darating dito?

Where?: Sa-AN?

Example: Where do you live? Saan ka nakatira?

Which?: a-LIN?

Example: Which one is different? Alin ang naiba?

How? (manner): Pa-A-no? / Ga-A-no?

Example: How did you get up there? Paano ka nakapunta diyan sa taas?

How big is your house? Gaano kalaki ang bahay nyo?

Why?: BA-kit?

Example: Bakit bilog ang mundo? Why is the Earth round?

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