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In this lesson you will learn about Days of the week.

Days of the week - How to speak Tagalog (or Filipino) - Days of the week.

Basic - Days of the Week

In this section, you will learn how to say the days of the week in Tagalog.

Like in most countries, the work week lasts from Monday to Friday. Although some people work during weekends, Saturday and Sunday are treated as rest days by most Filipinos.

Monday (LU-nes) - The first day of work or school for most Filipinos. People who live in nearby provinces travel by bus to the city to start their work week, so Monday mornings in major cities are often bustling with traffic from nearby areas.

Tuesday (MAR-tes) - Companies in the Philippines that follow American/European time operate one day later than local companies, so they usually start their work week on Tuesday and end it on Saturday.

Wednesday (Mi-YER-ku-les) - The first day of Lenten Season falls on Wednesday, and is also known in Filipino as Ash Wednesday, or "Miyerkules Santo".

Thursday (Hu-WE-bes) - During Lenten Season, Maundy Thursday or "Huwebes Santo" is highlighted by the re-enactment of The Last Supper.

Friday (Bi-YER-nes) - The end of the work week is often alive with night parties and people going back to the provinces to take a well-earned rest. During the Lenten Season, Good Friday or "Biyernes Santo" is celebrated by Filipino Catholics by re-enacting the last hours of the Passion of Jesus.

Saturday (SA-ba-do) - Saturday is a rest day for most people, and many families head to shopping malls or movie theaters to spend quality time with each other.

Sunday (Ling-GO) - Since the Philippines is predominantly Catholic, many Filipinos attend masses during Sundays. Others consider Sundays as an opportunity to get some extra rest to prepare for the start of the next work week.

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