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In this lesson you will learn about Numbers.


[ one]

one - uno.

Basic - Numbers

This lesson will teach you how to count to ten in Spanish.

One: uno

Two: dos

Three: tres

Four: cuatro

Five: cinco

Counting more than a handful? Here are more numbers in Spanish!

Six: seis

Seven: siete

Eight: ocho

Nine: nueve

Ten: diez

Go beyond! You want more numbers?

Eleven: once

Twelve: doce

Thirteen: trece

Fourteen: catorce

Fifteen: quince

Sixteen: dieciseis

Seventeen: diecisiete

Eighteen: dieciocho

Nineteen: diecinueve

Now, you will learn how to say tens in Spanish:

Twenty: veinte

Thirty: treinta

Forty: cuarenta

Fifty: cincuenta

Sixty: sesenta

Seventy: setenta

Eighty: ochenta

Ninety: noventa

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