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In this lesson you will learn about Days of the week.


[ Monday]

Monday - Lunes.

Basic - Days of the Week

In this section, you will learn how to say the days of the week in Spanish.

Like in most countries, the work week lasts from Monday to Friday. Unlike in English, the days of the week in Spanish are not capitalized.

Monday - lunes (LOOH-nayss). The name Monday has meaning "day of the Moon".

Tuesday - martes (MAHR-tayss). The name of Tuesday celebrates the Roman war god Mars. It is the "Day of Mars".

Wednesday - miércoles (mee-AIR-coh-layss). Wednesday is dedicated to the major Roman god Mercury.

Thursday - jueves (WHAY-vayss). The word for Thursday "Jovian" is the adjective form of Jupiter in English, coming from a Latin root.

Friday - viernes (vee-AIR-nayss). The name of Friday celebrates the goddess of beauty; in Latin the "Day of Venus".

Saturday - sábado (SAH-bah-doh). The word for Saturday, comes from the Hebrew word Sabbath, meaning a day of rest (in Jewish and Christian tradition, God rested on the seventh day of creation).

Sunday - domingo (doh-MEEN-goh). Domingo, the word for Sunday, comes from a Latin word meaning "Lord's day."

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