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In this lesson you will learn about Body Parts.

Parts of the Body (Part 1) - How to speak Russian -Parts of the Body (Part 1) .

How to Speak Russian: Body Parts

This section will help you learn how to identify body parts in Russian. This will come in handy when a part of your body is in pain and you need to explain it to a Russian doctor or nurse.

Parts of the Head

Ears: ushki

Eyes: ɡlas

Nose: nos

Mouth: rot

Tooth: zup

Tongue: yazyk

Parts of the Upper Body

Head: gəlɐˈva

Hand: rʊˈka

Neck: seja

Hair: ˈvoləsɨ

Heart: sierttse

Breast: ɡrutj

Parts of the Lower Body

Knee: kɐˈljenə

Foot: stopa

Gut: kishka

Belly: ʐhɨˈvot

Liver: pechen'

Leg: noga

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