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In this lesson you will learn about Animals.

Domestic Animals - How to speak Russian - Domestic Animals( Part-1).

Domestic and Wild Animals - Russian

Domestic Animals

Domestic animals play an important role in Russia, especially in rural areas and certain provinces.

Cats are popular house pets both in urban and rural areas because they are good at chasing away common pests such as rats and cockroaches. Dogs are present in almost every household, protecting their masters' home from trespassers and keeping them company.

Domestic animals are also a valuable source of food. Poultry like chicken and ducks are raised for their meat and eggs.

Common Domestic Animal Words

Cat : koshka

Dog: pes

Goat: kozel

Duck : utka

Cow: korova

Horse: kon'

Chicken: kuritsa

Wild Animals

Russia houses a great number of various animal species. Mammals of more than 300 species, birds of more than 700 species, amphibians of about 30 species and reptiles of 80 species inhabit vast territories of Arctic tundra, hot southern deserts, decidual and coniferal forests, mountain countries, and seacoasts.

Common Wild Animal Words

Lion : lev

Tiger : tigr

Fox : lisa

Wolf: volk

Bear: medved'

Reindeer: severnyy olen'

Walros: morzh


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