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In this lesson you will learn about Seasons.


[ spring]

spring - vesna.

Seasons – Russian

In this lesson, you will learn how to say the Russian words for different seasons.

Here, you will learn words for the seasons in Russian and what case to use when you want to say that something is going to happen "in" a certain season of the year. Just like in English, Russian seasons are not capitalized unless they are used in the beginning of a sentence.

In Russian, the four seasons of the year (Времена года) are as follows:

Spring - весна (vees-NAH)

Summer - лето (LYEH-toh)

Autumn or fall - осень (OH-seen')

Winter - зима (zee-MAH)

Elements of Weather:

Cloudy: облачный (oblachnyy)

Sunny: солнечный (solnechnyy)

Windy: ветреный (vetrenyy)

Foggy: туманный (tumannyy)

Rainy: дождливый (dozhdlivyy)

Snow: снег (sneg)

Frost: мороз (moroz)

Early summer and autumn are many people’s favourite periods for visiting Russia. By May the snow has usually disappeared and temperatures are pleasant, while the golden autumnal colours of September and early October can be stunning.

Winter brings the Russia of popular imagination to life. If you’re prepared for it, travel in this season is recommended: the snow makes everything picturesque, and the insides of buildings are kept warm.

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