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In this lesson you will learn about Ordinal Numbers.


[ first]

first - pervyi.

Ordinal Numbers - Russian

Which one goes first? This section will teach you Russian ordinal numbers from first to tenth.

Ordinal numbers designate order in counting. They answer the question "which one?" For example, the phrases "the 5th day" and "the 8th word" use ordinal numbers.

Like in English, Russian ordinal numbers are formed from cardinal numbers. Russian ordinal numbers are formed from cardinal numbers, and they have some additional endings like (-ый, -ой, -ая, -ое, -ые).

Ordinal numbers decline just like adjectives, and therefore must agree in gender and number, as well as case with the noun they describe.

First: первый (pyerviy)

Second: второй (vtoroy)

Third: третий (tryetiy)

Fourth: четвертый (chyetvyertiy)

Fifth: пятый (pyatiy)

Sixth: шестой (shyestoy)

Seventh: седьмой (syedʲmoy)

Eight: восьмой (vosʲmoy)

Ninth: девятый (dyevyatiy)

Tenth: десятый (dyesyatiy)

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