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In this lesson you will learn about Numbers.

How to speak Russian - One: ah-DEEN

[ One: ah-DEEN]

One: ah-DEEN - How to speak Russian - One: ah-DEEN.

Basic - Numbers

Learn how to count like a Russian! This lesson will teach you how to count to five in Russian.

One: ah-DEEN

Two: Dvah

Three: trEE

Four: chee-TYH-ree

Five: pyAHT

Counting more than a handful? Here are more numbers in Russian!

Six: SHehst

Seven: SYE-em

Eight: VOH-seem


Ten: DYEH-suht

Go beyond! Here's a quick guide to counting beyond ten

Eleven to Nineteen: End with the word "natsat", and add the corresponding Russian word for number in the ones digit. For example: eleven would be “ah-DEEN-nuhd-zuht” while nineteen would be dee-veet-NAHD-zuht”.

Twenty: DVAHD-zuht

Thirty: Tritsat

Forty: Sorok

Fifty: Pyatdesyat

Sixty: Sestdesyat

Seventy: Semdesyat

Eighty: Vosemdesyat

Ninety: Devyanosto

One Hundred: STO

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