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In this lesson you will learn about Expressing Thanks.

Spasiba za podarok

[ Thank you for your gift]

Thank you for your gift - Spasiba za podarok.

Expressing Thanks – Russian

Saying thank you to someone is probably the easiest and nicest gesture of gratitude and sympathy, so here you can learn how to say thank you in Russian. Appropriate for any situation is the universal word ‘spasibo’. If you want to emphasize how grateful you are, say ‘bolshoe spasibo’ or even ‘ogromnoe spasibo’ — a big and giant thank you correspondingly.

If you are in a formal conversation or want to use an elevated style, opt for ‘blagodaryu’, which is a slightly aristocratic way to say thank you in Russian. For those of you aiming at the other end — the word ‘pasib’ is a very colloquial way to say thank you in Russian, which is also quite popular on the Internet. If you want to sound ultra-cute — and here we are talking about girls above all — your way to say thank you in Russian would be ‘pasibki’. And finally, something you will not find in any Russian textbook and a massive linguistic bombshell to drop and make your listeners smile is the word ‘blagodarstvuyu’ — an old-fashioned bookish word which today is mostly used in humorous situations.

If you are traveling to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine or other Russian speaking country even knowing a single word, such as SPAH-SEE-BAH will earn you great respect as you will show your desire to help and share Russian culture. If you show Russians that you are really interested and make an attempt to speak their language, it will help you a long way!

Thank you - спасибо [spasibo]

Thank you (formal) - Благодарю! [Blagodaryu!]

Thank you very much. - Большое спасибо. [Bol'shoye spasibo.]

Thank you very, very much. - Спасибо, очень много. [Spasibo, ochen' mnogo.]

You are so kind. Thank you. - Вы так добры. Спасибо. [Vy tak dobry . Spasibo.]

I do not know how to thank you. Я не знаю, как вас благодарить. [YA ne znayu, kak vas blagodarit'.]

Thank you for your help. - Спасибо за помощь. [Spasibo za pomoshch'.]

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