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In this lesson you will learn about Ordinal Numbers.


[ first]

first - ikkaime.

Basic Japanese: Ordinal Numbers

Which one goes first? This section will teach you Japanese ordinal numbers from first to tenth.

Ordinal numbers are used to determine a position or a rank, for example: first, second, third ... Ordinal numbers do not show quantity. 
Japanese basic numbers become ordinal numbers simple by adding a (me) at their end.

First:     一回目(ikkaime)

Second: 二回目(nikaime) 

Third: 三回目(sankaime)

Fourth: 四回目(yonkaime)

Fifth: 五回目(gokaime)

Sixth:  六回目(rokkaime)

Seventh: 七回目(nanakaime)

Eight: 八回目(hachikaime)

Ninth:  九回目(kyukaime)

Tenth: 十回目 (jyukkaime)

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