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In this lesson you will learn about Numbers.


[ one]

one - ichi.

Japanese - Numbers

Learn how to count like Japanese! This lesson will teach you how to count to five in Japanese.

One: ichi

Two: ni

Three: san

Four: yon

Five: go

Counting more than a handful? Here are more numbers in Japanese!

Six: roku

Seven: shichi/nana

Eight: hatschi

Nine: kyū/ku


Go beyond! Do you want more numbers?

Eleven: jū ichi

Twelve: jū ni

Thirteen: jū san

Fourteen: jū yon

Fifteen: jū go

Sixteen: jū roku

Seventeen: jū nana

Eighteen: jū hachi

Nineteen: jū kyū

Now, you will learn how to say tens - Jū in Japanese:

Twenty: ni-jū

Thirty: san-jū

Forty: yon-jū

Fifty: go-jū

Sixty: roku-jū

Seventy: nana-jū

Eighty: hachi-jū

Ninety: kyū-jū

Hundred: hyaku

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