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In this lesson you will learn about Requests.

kya aap mujhe batha sakthe hai _____?

[ Can you please tell me?]

Can you please tell me? - kya aap mujhe batha sakthe hai _____?.

Basic Hindi – Requests

Didn't hear that last comment clearly? Do you want to get contact details from your friend? Here are few Hindi requests to help you out.

Nonetheless, as a traveler in India, you will constantly come across Indian people who want to strike up a conversation. English not being their first language, they may not be familiar with the conventional ways of doing this, and thus their opening line may seem abrupt and at the same time very formally may find it surprising or even intrusive that Indian people should want to know that sort of thing, but bear in mind that their culture is different to yours.

Secondly, they are considered polite conversation between strangers in India, and help people place each other in terms of social position. Thirdly your family, job, even income, is not considered "personal" subjects in India, and it is completely normal to ask people about them. Asking the same questions back will not be taken amiss - far from it. Being curious does not have the "nosey" stigma in India that it has in the west: taking an interest in other people's lives is totally up front and considered quite normal.

If you want to spend more time with your Hindi friends that you just met, getting their contact details is just a matter of asking them nicely.

Can you please tell me?: kya aap mujhe batha sakthe hai _____?

What can I do for you: Mein aap ke liye kya kar sakthe hai?

Please repeat: kripiya dohraana

May I have your e-mail and phone number: aap ka email aur phone number dhijiye

Speak slowly, please: kripiya dhire boliye

Walk slowly, please: kripiya dhire chaliye

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