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In this lesson you will learn about Days of the week.


[ Monday]

Monday - somvār.

Basic - Days of the Week

In this section, you will learn how to say the days of the week (सप्ताह के दिन) in Hindi.

Like in most countries, the work week lasts from Monday to Friday. According to Hindu Shashatra and belief all weekdays have distinct significance.

Monday - सोमवार (somvaar) – It is believed this day to be day of Lord Shiva. The fasting has special significance on the month of Sravan. This day is observed to acquire wisdom or prosperity.

Tuesday - मंगलवार (mangalvaar) – Manglavar or Tuesday is observed as day of lord Hanuman. The disciples wear red clothes, shower red flowers and keep fast.

Wednesday - बुधवार (budhvaar) – Budhvaar is related to planet Mercury. Green color is good for this day. Mercury bring happiness and deepens between husband and wife.

Thursday - गुरुवार (guruvaar) – Thursday is ruled by planet Jupiter. The day is also observed to pay homage to Lakshmi Devi to increase wealth and prosperity.

Friday - शुक्रवार (shukravaar) – This day is observed to pacify Shukra God or Venus. The devotees observe fast on Friday. They wear yellow clothes, shower yellow flowers and serve yellow colored food.

Saturday - शनिवार (shanivaar) – The Saturday is governed by Saturn god. He is made of black iron. People wear black clothes, eat black lentils and sesame, donate iron, black blanket or oil.

Sunday - रविवार (ravivaar) – Ravivar is day of Sungod. Fasting is observed to achieve prosperity as well as to get rid of various skin diseases.

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