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In this lesson you will learn about Ordinal Numbers.

premier / première (fem)

[ first]

first - premier / première (fem).

Basic French: Ordinal Numbers

Which one goes first? This section will teach you French ordinal numbers from one to ten.

Ordinal numbers are used to express rank or position - in other words, ordinal numbers are used for ordering, as opposed to cardinal numbers which are used for counting.

In French Ordinal numbers build on the root of their cardinal cousins by adding a -ième- ending. The only exception is premier / first which doesn’t follow the rule at all.

First: premier (m) (pruh-mee-yay)

première (f) (pruh-mee-air)

Second: deuxième (duh-zee-ehm)

Third: troisième (twah-zee-ehm)

Fourth: quatrième (ka-tree-ehm)

Fifth: cinquième (sank-ee-ehm)

Sixth: sixième (see-zee-ehm)

Seventh: septième (set-ee-ehm)

Eight: huitième (whee-tee-ehm)

Ninth: neuvième (noo-vee-ehm)

Tenth: dixième (dee-zee-ehm)

Take note of individual rules, like dropping the trailing "e" from quatre to form "quatrième," adding a "u" after cinq to form "cinquième" and changing "f" to "v" in "neuvième."