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In this lesson you will learn about Numbers.


[ one]

one - un.

Basic - Number

This lesson will teach you how to count in French.

One: un

Two: deux

Three: trois

Four: quatre

Five: cinq

Counting more than a handful? Here are more numbers in French!

Six: six

Seven: sept

Eight: huit

Nine: neuf

Ten: dix

Eleven: onze

Twelve: douze

Thirteen treize

Fourteen quatorze

Fifteen: quinze

Sixteen: seize

Seventeen: dix-sept

Eighteen: dix-huit

Nineteen: dix-neuf

Go beyond!

Twenty: vingt

Thirty: trente

Forty: quarante

Fifty: cinquante

Sixty: soixante

Seventy: soixante-dix

Eighty: quatre-vingts

Ninety: quatre-vingts-dix

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