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[ Good morning]

Good morning - Bonjour.

Basic French : Meetings and Greetings

Learning to greet people is an essential part of learning a new language. Whether you're planning to continue learning French or just learn a few basics in preparation for a trip, these French greetings can help you on your way.

In some countries, it's acceptable to greet a salesclerk, for example, with just a smile, but not in France - always start out with a polite bonjour. Even when entering a waiting room or boarding a bus, the French will mutter bonjour as a general greeting to everyone within earshot.

In English, "good morning" is a typical greeting. Its literal French translation, "bon matin" is not. If you want to greet someone in the morning, you just say bonjour. Only time you would use bon matin is in the expression de bon matin, which means "bright and early."

Good morning: Bonjour

Good afternoon: Bonjour

Good evening: Bonne soirée

Good night: Bonne nuit

Welcome: Bienvenue

Is it going well?: Ça va bien?

How's it going?: Comment ça va?

How are you?: Comment allez-vous?

I am fine, Thank you: Bien, merci.

I am fine, what about you?: Bien, et vous?

I'm fine: Je vais bien

Good-bye: Au revoir

Bye: Salut

See you soon: À bientôt, À tout à l'heure

See you later: À plus tard

Have a good trip: Bon voyage

Enjoy your meal: Bon appétit!

Cheers! - Santé!

Happy Birthday: Bon anniversaire

Merry Christmas: Joyeux Noël

Happy New Year: Bonne Année

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